Our game [Sugar Cube] won the IGF China!

News | 2010/12/09 05:04 | Sun Park

As I said in title, Our game Sugar Cube won the best game in IGF China!
Here is the full list of the winners.

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Best Game
: Sugar Cube (Turtle Cream, South Korea)
Best Mobile Game:
Train Conductor 2 (The Voxel Agents, Australia)
Excellence In Audio:
Skillz: The DJ Game (Playpen Studios, Hong Kong)
Excellence In Visual Arts:
ButaVX: Justice Fighter (Nekomura Games, Singapore)

Best Student Game:
The White Laboratory (Huazhong Univ. of Science & Technology, China)
Excellent Student Award:
Dead Steel (Media Design School, Auckland, New Zealand)
Excellent Student Award:
Ponlai (National Yunlin Univ. of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

We congratulate to other finalists and their great games!
Thanks to our school Sogang Univ. Game Education Center, Pig-min Agency And especially all the sugar cubes in the world too!

Now we are searching a good company to publishing commercial version of our games. thanks.

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