At 10 AM in Korea today, we've reached 6180 hours since we launched "6180 the moon". There were lots of good things in those hours. We launched our game on Indie Royale Bundle, and selected for Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2013, and IndieCade Showcase at E3 as well. And more! We've launched our game on GamersGate for the first time, participated in Not on Steam Sale, and there is some confidential news as well. (Keep your interest. It would be awesome news!)

To celebrate 6180 hours, we prepared a giveaway! This event will held for 6180 minutes, and 6 winners will get a Humble Key for 6180 the moon with our awesome soundtrack. Yeah it's ordinary event so far.

Here is one more thing. As you see, one of the mission in the widget there is "Vote for greenlit" mission.
If we get more than 6180 votes in this event period, we'll do another giveaway event again with 6180 keys! Here is current data on our Greenlight page. If we reach to 9562 votes within 6180 minutes, the moonlight will shine more for 6180 people. :)

사용자 삽입 이미지

What a tiny numbers.. Please support us!

This event will be started at 11 PM (GMT +9:00), 11/23/2013 and ended 6 AM (GMT +9:00), 11/28/2013. Yes, just 6180 minutes.

Sounds interesting? Please join in and spread the words out!

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