'6180 the moon' is a platformer game with a unique mechanic. It offers a fresh, unseen game play style by connecting the top and bottom of the screen. This allows in a mechanic with delightfully long jumps and no fear of "slipping" to death.

In addition to the unique gameplay, '6180 the moon' delivers a unique storyline. The Sun has gone. The Moon sets off on a journey to find the Sun. Along the journey will be hazardous courses and deep realizations.

This game was co-created by South Korea's Indie Game Studios, Turtle Cream and PokPoong Games. The fantastic music was provided by Merry Go Sound.

The official selection of Experimental Gameplay Workshop 2013 @GDC
The official selection of IndieCade Annual Showcase 2013 @ E3

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Photoset: TGS & IndieCade (0)

Recently there were tons of things we did. We've been to TGS as we announced, and launched 6180 the moon on Steam. Also we went to IndieCade with our new project Long Take. Here are some photos about our trip.Tokyo Game Show 2014TGS 2014 Indie Ga...

6180 the moon will be at Tokyo Game Show! (2)

We've got a mail from TGS. Our game 6180 the moon will go to Tokyo Game Show! It's our 1st TGS, so we're so excited now.According to their email, 310 games submitted for TGS Indie Area. And We've selected! We're working for 6180 the moon's Steam ...

Long Take, E3 story (0)

Yeah, it's too late timing for posting about E3. But I'd like to say about our fantastic E3! It was our 2nd E3. We went there with our past project 6180 the moon at last year. And 1 year later, we've launched the trailer for Nintendo Wii U versio...

Long Take will be at E3 next week! (0)

Our GGJ14 project "Long Take" has been selected for IndieCade Showcase @E3. We went to last year's showcase with our past game "6180 the moon". So this is our 2nd E3, yay!We don't have any detailed plan for developing "Long Take" yet. We're still...

6180 the moon has been greenlit! (0)

It's been 478 days. Our game 6180 the moon has been greelit yesterday! Thanks to all people who voted us. We did lots of things for our greenlight campaign so far. This is our 2nd game on Steam. So I'm so proud of it! Thanks to all team members.W...